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Chapter IX:

The imaginary line between reality and fantasy exists only in the mind of “men”.

At this juncture I have to make a difference between humans and characters of fantasy, there is some difference. They understand the issues, they know them, but are not so real and they put them in separate pigeon holes. Instead, we characters have real creativity inside ourselves. We know it’s part of life, as sometimes dreams and hopes really happen. With Maria we had a deep understanding, but this barrier, even if it was a thin line, it existed.

That morning Maria saw the Da Vinci machine and took advantage to make me do exactly what the little Wizard, the puppets and I had concocted to make a reality, what we had hoped for, meanwhile for her it was just material for another comic skit. So listen up.

At the beginning of the skit I was to be found already tied up by my feet to the demonic machine, head down exactly as she saw me in Milan. From there I had to get the attention of Ed Sullivan, so I would call him from the top of my lungs.

Gigio: Ed... Ed Sullivan... Edy!... Can you please bring me a 1 Kg weight, when you come this way?

Finally Ed was on the set and, not really understanding the goings on with this request, faked to be a bit snippy.

Ed: But Gigio, where in the world will I find such a 1 Kg weight at this time (stopping to look at me with surprise). What are you doing upside down, Topo?

Gigio: It’s an Indian method to give me ideas and if you put a weight in my pockets I will get those ideas even faster.

Ed: But what this novelty about ideas?

Gigio: It’s not only a novelty, but a struck of genius! Follow my concept: if you get an idea, the right one, well one can become rich for life. That’s it... Zac, there it comes the idea and Zac becomes as rich as a king!

Ed: OK I understand now, you are searching for an idea, but what I am baffled is why are you subjecting yourself to this type of torture!

Gigio: For the sake of science one must endure any sacrifice; at this very moment all the blood that is in my feet is going to my head, and if by chance I have some idea circulating in my feet... Zac, that idea goes to my brain. You know what, please shake me, shake me, maybe it will help the process.

Ed: But what silliness you saying?... And look at you what conditions you are in! You are red as a pepper!

Gigio: (With a rushed voice) Stop! Hold on! Don’t just stay there talking! Take me down, take me down!

Ed: (Obeying) Did the idea come?

Gigio: No, but would you have some alka seltzer? These Indian exercises should be done away from meals, really (Ed give him something to drink). There, there the Zac is coming, Edy we will be rich, super rich, you won’t have to worry about your future any more! (He gets into a yoga position, but then he starts sneezing) Aciiiuuu... No, it was only a sneeze!

Ed: The crazier of the two is me, listening to you! (Faking the irritation) Stop this… Zac and start singing a song as we stipulated in the contract. What did you have to sing tonight? Oh, yes! “O sole mio”. Well then, get your guitar and sing without so much fuzz, if you want to earn your keep!

Gigio: (Seeing the bad outcome of his action, Topo backpedals and with a dramatic attitude exclaims) Oh Edy, you are one those people that can’t get excited about anything... because you have seen so much in your long life that one more one less!…

Ed: First of all, my life is not that long... secondly, I have so still so much to be excited about things, like especially discoveries... but for a sneeze!

Gigio: Well the sneeze was a blip, a lapse, but the invention that circles around in my head... that will be our wealth!

Ed: So, if it’s such an important thing, then tell me!

Gigio: O.K., you are a trustworthy person, so I can tell you before I file the Copyright. Actually from now on, when people ask your name, don’t tell them you are Ed Sullivan, because it’s meaningless. Tell them: “I am Topo Gigio’s friend, the little mouse that invented the Menelik!”. Voilà… there I said it.

Ed: What ‘s this invention?

Gigio: It’s a Menelik, is a lollipop made out of concrete that never gets used up!

Ed: What?!

Gigio: Yes. A Menelik, Menelik. The lollipop of the fashionable man! You see, I invented even a catch phrase for advertising!

Ed: How did you come up with such an idea?

Gigio: You see, even a skeptic, always incredulous like you, seems to like an extraordinary invention! And to complete the job, if you advance me a ten, I will build for you the prototype. Are you happy with your Gigio now? Am I not a genius? Come on give me a ten!

Ed: A what?

Gigio: A ten, a 10 Dollar bill!

Ed: 10 Dollars, for what?

Gigio: To become a partner, right!

Ed: Partner in the construction of a concrete lollipop?

Gigio: What you think?... If I were you, I would put up 100 - thousand... Think about this, your name in the Company... I can see the sign: E-G-R Inc.!

Ed: I catch E for Ed, G for Gigio, but R for what?

Gigio: Rockefeller, we need someone with money!

Ed: As a matter of fact, I already see Rockefeller anxious, even ready to finance the venture of the concrete lollipop!

Gigio: Finally are you convinced of my great idea! It was time, not only we are to build the lollipop or the candies in concrete... but also kites in concrete... they will never destruct... think about the success!

Ed: But how would they fly?

Gigio: Well, I don’t know... but it wouldn’t be our problem, but Rockefeller... for example, one could take them on a plane and launch them!

Ed: For sure... how could I not come up with that... but now enough with dreaming about concrete... let me put you to bed.

Gigio: This evening, Edy, you will sing me a little song... a lullaby... because I am so afraid of all this concrete, a good night kiss is not enough to make me go to sleep!

Ed: Ok Topo... promise that when we are done with the show I’ll come back for the lullaby.

Gigio: Promises ? But now Ed... Edy... KISS me GOODNIGHT!

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