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Chapter VI:

Topo Gigio grows up.

I finally had my pajama and I was all grown up and so we all know that strange things happen to older boys, when they meet girls, and the same things happen to us little mice and marionettes. It happens to everyone! In Milan our lives went back to the daily grind, but this time less monotonous, as we had decided to create Rosy, a little girl mouse. Maria had the idea to write a sketch for the next time we would be in New York, where I would be meeting a little girl mouse so there was much excitement in the air. As a matter of fact, this story with Ed was really fun. It went sort of like this: for the first time I had met a girl mouse, tormented by the desire to see her again, I ran to my friend Ed Sullivan so that he could help me find her or at least get her address so that I can send her a letter (in those times we had no e-mails or texts).

When Ed finally came to my corner during the show, after I called him a few times, and asks me a bit ticked off what was so important as to call him during the taping. I did not dare to confess my falling in love and my need for advice, I made believe that I was distracted, busy writing something else. I tried to engage him without telling him the real reason. But Ed to whom I would ask the strangest questions such as “How do you write love? With three or four “v”?”. He responded: “But love is written with only one “v”!” and I: “Even if it is much?”. Then Ed said: “Spelling and love are two different things.”. Not convinced I get back to my writings, grumbling.

The dialog continues with these absurd tones, until Ed tries to make me confess my falling in love, but I deny it, and assert that I am writing a business letter, so Ed is so incredulous and curious that he tears away my letter and reads it out loud. The letter went something like:

“Dear Associated Cheese Factory,

please send me that lot of Provolone cheese, because here in the USA they don’t know how to make it, and it’s my PASSSION... (Ed looked at me sternly and corrected passion with two “s”, not three). Its aroma inspires me, a feeling of LOVE, of great LOVE! Exclamation point and dot and dot.”.

At this point Ed agreed: “I must say that it is a business letter and not a love letter as I thought... but are you sure you are not confused? What’s the mouse girl got to do with this?”.
And I would get back to my writings by saying: “Oh yes! Wait... I must add a N.B.: If... you see Rosy... say hello from me”.
And here the dialogue would complicate, as Ed would ask for a clarification: “Where would the Associated Cheese Factory could find Rosy!”
And I: “Hey you never know… Rosy also likes cheese!”.
“It’s not a good reason to meet up with her!”
“Well, how should I know? It’s a problem that concerns the Associated Cheese Factory!!”

Ed, more inquisitive: “OK, agreed, but how would they have seen her?”
“Maybe on television, for example!”
“And how?”
“By turning it on, right?”

I went to the TV and turned it on, confusing Ed even more and there she was on the screen singing a beautiful song.
I assure you that on the screen appeared the most amazing girl mouse, more coquette than I imagined and without acting or faking, I was thunderstruck, so much so that at the end of the song I stayed on looking at the dark screen, risking to tumble the show’s ratings. Ed quickly intervened by taking me to my room and putting me to bed and sweetly saying: “Goodnight Topo”, without waiting for the usual “ goodnight”.

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