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Chapter XIII:


I think that by now you must have an Idea of how I spent my life, and now it’s time to say goodbye. It bothers me a little that you can see me in this aspect, what do you want I am an incorrigible romantic. As you know, Maria has this obsession to be in tune with the latest technology, she has created a clone that she calls “Virtual Gigio”, so I will have him say my goodbyes, but being that he is still so young doesn’t know what is being nostalgic.

“GIGIOOO... VIRTUAL GIGIOOO! Come on, I want to introduce you...”.

But look at him, he makes believe he is so shy... “Come on, say hello, be a good boy, we will leave soon thereafter!”.

Virtual Gigio: Ok, Boss! At your orders!... Hello... hello everyone! Children, children, little ones and babies welcome to the Gigios Site specialists in the pirouette. We are going to have a little snack, while you can write to us or you can watch a video or play this video game!

Topo Gigio: Hey! Hey! I said a hello not a speech!

Virtual Gigio: Great... then... go Gigio go, let’s say hello... pirouette, bow of your head, and voilà! (The two of them execute a perfect pirouette and a bow) What!? You know how to do a pirouette???

Topo Gigio: Certainly, Why shouldn’t?

Virtual Gigio: Really, I didn’t know… I thought…

Topo Gigio: You were wrong! Look here, for example, they pictured me in all sport stances, and there you have to do a lot of pirouettes. What else do you want?

Virtual Gigio: Yes but... something like this, a perfect strike, like this one, would I ever had done it?

Topo Gigio: Not bad! But in matters of soccer, I think you would beat me!  You are silent now, ha? You don’t say you are better than me?

Virtual Gigio: Come on, I never said I was better than you, maybe once! What are you saying... what are you saying... I know, but there is something...

Topo Gigio: Like what?

Virtual Gigio: (He laughs a bit embarrassed)... The B side... for example!

Topo Gigio: Whhhhattt???

Virtual Gigio: (Embarrassed) Yes… the rear end... look at something like this! What do you think?

Topo Gigio: Not bad... what are you doing with it?

Virtual Gigio: Hummm... I sit on it, for example!

Topo Gigio: That one, me too...

Virtual Gigio: And then, also... I’m embarrassed!

Topo Gigio: I understand... me too... especially if I eat some vegetables that are really good for me!

Virtual Gigio: Then, you are doing everything like me... what can I say? Ah… here I go, I dance even twirling, look and be astonished!!!

The two of them together: What are you telling me now, and now... really... Ciao, from your Gigio!