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Chapter XII:

The story of Topo Gigio’s life continues.

Life in workshop was really nice and Rosy, after my adventure in the forest to get her the flower, became very sweet and in a huge secret we got engaged. We did it in secret, otherwise the journalists, who are always looking for useless events, would have taken over the news and made our lives impossible.

It was in those years that my success increased tenfold, as we toured all over the world for many months. We appeared in many newspapers, even if it was unusual for a fictitious character to be interviewed directly and Maria at times became a mouse or a marionette, finding herself in the embarrassing situation to answer: “Which cheese do you prefer?” or “Do you run away when you see a cat?”, as these where the sort of questions being posed by the journalists! Fortunately, not all!

In those years I remember to have lived in fantastic cities like Madrid, London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Mexico City, Caracas, Lima, Teheran, etc.. There I met extraordinary personalities and was lucky to have worked with famous actors and great men and women. I can’t mention all, the list would be too long, but remember the ones that thought me a lot: Ed Sullivan, Louis Armstrong, Enzo Trapani, Nino Manfredi, Marco Ferreri, Ginger Rogers, Caterina Valente, Franco Rognoni, Dario Fo, Raul Astor, Alessandro Rossi, Hugo Pratt, Ernesto Halffter, Kon Ichikawa.

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