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Chapter I:

The birth of Topo Gigio is rich in “adventures” but only lived in the imagination of Maria Perego

Once upon a time there was a Christmas tree, small and strange, cut out from a piece of green sponge. The sponge was a happy material as it was made of many sparkling particles mixed with other materials that were so soft.

This little tree spent its days in a corner of a barber shop window and had sort of this look and as we were approaching Christmas time, it was on top of some Christmas lights colored and sparkly, but were attached to a rough wire and no passerby would even look at the poor little tree.

But one day a little blond girl stopped by and was struck with interest in the little tree. Then left, but stepped back and entered the shop. A short while later the little tree found itself in the little girl’s purse wrapped in a soft perfumed silk handkerchief, among the many useless things found in women’s bags.

After a few days of insomnia, rocked and cradled by the girl’s pacing, the little tree fell asleep.

Why certainly you must be asking I’m telling you the story of the little Christmas tree? Of course, that little tree was my ancestor and precursor. If you have the patience to follow my story, you will see it’s not so strange.

What struck the little girl, who was none other than Maria Perego, was the material which the tree was made of: a special plastic, a soft and brilliant sponge, that she could have created other types of puppets that she was hoping to augment to her already rich repertory of Arlecchinos, Pulcinellas, witches, wizards, princes and princesses, etc., etc..

These puppets, built with this new type of material, would now have soft and smooth faces, easily supporting the close ups on television and because the material was ductile and malleable she could have worked it out by hiding small mechanisms that would permit the movement of the mouth, eyes, fingers, therefore creating the illusion the creatures were almost real.

Not to make a long story, Maria, happy to have finally found that material, started to do her research, and like any good tale after many days she found the factory where the precious material was manufactured.

Chapter II - : In Maria Perego’s workshop there is a lot of excitement and so many puppets are being created with the new material, but not yet Topo Gigio >>